jueves, 16 de abril de 2015

Describing dinosaurs!

What a great dinosaur!

Today we wrote many sentences to revise dinosaurs' descriptions. We worked with this incredible dinosaur:

These are the sentences we wrote altogether:

It's purple and yellow.
It's big and thin.
It lives in caves and cliffs.
It can fly.
It can eat fish.
It can't run fast.
It has got two hands and two wings.
It has got a short tail.
It hasn't got feathers.

You've worked very well 2nd N!
Miss Luchi.

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  1. Ana Ines Lopez Feybli28 de abril de 2015, 11:33

    Un tema que a los chicos les super intereso y asi aprendieron cosas nuevas en ingles y de los dinosaurios tambien!