jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015

The desert

What an incredible habitat!

Here's the video we watched in class about the desert:

And here's the list we made about desert animals:

Desert animals:

- Vulture.
- Pronghorn.
- Camel.
- Toad.
- Hare.
- Scorpion.
- Snakes.
- Rattlesnake.
- Lizard.
- Birds.
- Ostrich.
- Rats and mice.
- Hiena.
- Tarantula.
- Meercat.
- Roadrunner.

Copy those animals in your copybook and if you want to read about them and look at some pictures, click here! =) 

Que miedito me da ésta clase.....

Tuvimos una grata visita, Mariano,  el papá de Fausto.
Compartió con nosotros su gran tesoro...mandíbulas de tiburones, pez globo y mandíbulas de distintos tamaños.
Los chicos fascinados y con un poquito de miedito por los tiburones escuchaban atentos. 
¡Gracias familia Crende! .

viernes, 22 de mayo de 2015


Let's practise writing!

As next week is the term test, describe this cat at home so that you practise a bit more!
Include this information in your description:
-What animal is it?
-The size (is it big or small? Is it thin or fat?).
-The colour. 
-Where it lives.
-The abilities (use CAN and CAN'T here!).
-What it eats.
-The body (use HAS GOT here!).

Write the description and your teacher will correct it on Tuesday if you want! =) 

                                         Resultado de imagen para picture of cat cartoon